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Look for the Bridal Extravaganza Logo and Name. Do not be fooled by other shows. Our emails come from and our phone number is 281-340-7777. We do not allow any other company to represent our products and services and we do not go by any other name.

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An amazing booth from one of 400 vendors attending Bridal Extravaganza
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The reason we attend the Bridal Extravaganza is that there are usually at least 3,000 brides. If they are not all getting married, they have friends and family who are having birthday parties, church events, recitals, and lectures that need to be recorded. It is difficult and costly to get this targeted of an audience via Facebook, Google, or any other method of communication.

- Russell Ross from Encanta Video

Stephen Daulong of Daulong's Mobile Music Inc.

Every single show I meet brides who become clients. Recently, as the economy and industry have changed, participating in the Bridal Extravaganza has become an even more valuable way to connect with brides.

- Stephen Daulong from Daulong's Mobile Music Inc.

Luis Pedro Gramajo

Before signing to a bridal show I did my research to find THE ONE for me. When I started reading about "Wedding Extravaganza" I came to the conclusion that this bridal show was one of the best ones in the United States... It turned out it is. It's been 3 weeks and I already booked more than 5 weddings and have more just waiting for final details. Thanks for the opportunity and for putting all this together for vendors and clients!! <br>

- Luis Pedro Gramajo from Luis Pedro Gramajo Photography

Tammy Allen of Wedding Cakes by Tammy Allen

As an exhibitor we count on you to create a Bridal Frenzy that motivates brides to make buying decisions. You far exceeded all our expectations. As a result of the show, we have enjoyed our best 2 weeks of signed Bridal Cake orders in our history.

- Tammy Allen from Wedding Cakes by Tammy Allen

Two-way QR Code

You receive a unique QR code from us for brides to scan the vendors. This touchless, web based app allows vendors to upload a special offer to entise brides to visit your booth.  

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Be sure to send every bride home with your information. Your full-page ad is included in the printed Program Book.(deadlines apply) It also gets statewide distribution in Texas Weddings Magazine.


VIP Swag Bags

Stand out from your competitors by offering a custom gift to our VIP brides. Brides visit your booth to pick up their VIP gift.


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